Ennea-Type Four
Ennea-Type One
Ennea-Type One

Fixation: Resentment                            Higher Mind: Perfection
Passion: Anger (repressed)                 Virtue: Serenity

High internal standards of correctness are both a blessing and a curse for the fussy, critical, idealistic Ennea-type One. With attention focused on how to improve on an imperfect world, Ones tend to be fault finders who subscribe to one right way solutions. At their best, these upright, fastidious, high energy people are ethical and precise with superb powers of criticism. They can be fine mentors and principled, visionary doers.

Motivation: To avoid mistakes and do the right thing.
Strengths: Body-based, Principled, Rational, Responsible, Good, Disciplined, Direct
Limitations: Body-based dominant, Judgmental, Repressive, One Right Way Thinking, Inflexible, Unconsciously Angry
Body Armoring: Chronic resentment limits breathing and tightens muscles to create an angry attitude that interferes with natural instinctive responsiveness, specifically, the territorial response (the expression of healthy anger).
Recommended Body Modality: Centering thru Breathwork, Feldenkrais, Relaxation Massage, and Movement Meditation. Practicing life with a "no pleasure, no gain" approach is difficult but essential for these perfectionists who are often not kind to themselves or to others.  

Ennea-Type Two

Fixation: Flattery                     Higher Mind: Will (Freedom)         
Passion: Pride                          Virtue: Humility

Empathic, sensitive and sometimes manipulative of other people’s feelings, Twos unabashedly make themselves indispensable to others as a path to power, influence and recognition. With attention focused on how to get love and approval, chameleon-like Ennea-type Twos use their exquisite radar to track the moods, preferences, and needs of others. Because relationships are so central, Twos report they can feel trapped when their need to please overrides their sense of self. Extroverted and emotion driven, at their best Twos can be genuinely warmhearted, sensitive and helpful givers, who are exuberantly engaging and bring out the best in others. 

Motivation: To sense and support the emotional needs of others in order to feel important, needed and loved.
Strengths: Heart-based, Empathetic, Caring, Generous, Exuberant, Warm, Appreciative
Limitations: Heart-based dominant, Dependent, Manipulative, Competitive, Over-emotional (hysterical), Irrational
Body Armoring: Chronic need for approval causes hyperventilation (hysteria triggered by emphasis on inhalation) and weak internal muscle control that interferes with natural instinctive responsiveness, specifically, the bonding response.
Recommended Body Modality: Centering thru Deep Tissue Massage, Rolfing, or Aikido. Regular practice of a structured movement discipline develops the capacity for containment -helping to regulate emotional imbalance or hysteria.  

Ennea-Type Three

Fixation: Vanity                                      Higher Mind: Hope 
Passion:  Deceit                                     Virtue: Veracity

Enthusiastic, efficient, high performing, competitive Type A winners, Ennea-type Threes identify with their job and what they produce. With attention focused on being the best, these wondrously flexible Ennea-type Threes have a tendency to set aside feelings and self refection in favor of getting the job done. This feeds their propensity to ignore or replace the real truth with hype and pizzazz. At their best they can be charismatic leaders, gifted marketers, efficient, practical problem solvers and accomplished team players. On the low side, others may see them as facile, superficial and insensitive.

Motivation: To achieve recognition for accomplishments. To be as successful and to look good.
Strengths: Heart-based, Personable, Self-assured, Efficient, Accomplished, Enthusiastic, Marketing Personality
Limitations: Heart-based dominant, Type A, Unprincipled, Deceitful, Superficial, Impatient, Insensitive
Body Armoring: Need to win propels forward action w/little awareness of 360 reality, defeating natural instinctive responsiveness, specifically, the bonding response.
Recommended Body Modality: Centering thru Deep Tissue Massage or Rolfing combined with deep rest. Breathwork with attention focused on sensation helps open the chest and connect the three centers. Work with relaxing the eyes helps keep type three more embodied in present time.

Ennea-Type Four

Fixation: Melancholy                             Higher Mind: Origin  
Passion: Envy                                         Virtue: Equanimity

Melancholy, artistic, flamboyant and intense, Ennea-type Fours often report they feel lonely, misunderstood and different from everyone else. With attention focused on what’s missing, these singular individualists insist on living a passionate life filled with elegance and good taste. Decisions are based on deep feelings which can generate profound and unique perspectives. At their best they are highly empathic, creative, inspiring individuals with a laser-sharp sense of what is authentic and essential. At worst, others will notice recurrent crises and a cup half empty, elitist attitude.

Motivation: To find love, meaning, and fulfillment through self-expression and deep connection.
Strengths: Heart-based, Original, Intuitive, Introspective, Authentic, Capacity to empathize with suffering
Limitations: Heart-based dominant, Melancholic, Cup half empty thinking, Entitled, Over-sensitive, Dependent, Resistant to Help
Body Armoring: Chronic feelings of defectiveness and loss cause breath anorexia (emphasis on exhalation or depression), inhibiting excitement and interfering with natural instinctive responsiveness, specifically, the bonding response.
Recommended Body Modality: Centering thru Deep Tissue Massage, Rolfing, Meditation, Practicing a regular body discipline with a "no pleasure, no gain" approach, w/attention on sensation rather than feelings and thoughts.

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Fixation: Resentment    |   Passion: Anger
Higher Mind: Perfection   |   Virtue: Serenity
Fixation: Flattery  |   Passion: Pride
Higher Mind: Will   |    Virtue: Humility
Fixation: Vanity   |   Passion: Deceit
Higher Mind: Hope  |  Virtue: Veracity
Fixation: Melancholy   |    Passion: Envy
Higher Mind: Origin    |   Virtue: Equanimity
Senses Wide Open
A Body-Based Approach to Self-Investigation
Johanna Putnoi
Senses Wide Open
A Body-Based Approach to Self-Investigation
Johanna Putnoi